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Safe-D-Needles     are available in 4 standard lengths – Mix and match!

21 mm Short - 31 mm Long 
25 mm Short - 35 mm Long

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Available in both standard lengths:

Version 1 - 21 mm short, 31 mm long
Version 2 - 25 mm short, 35 mm long

Student Packs (24) – 12 Short – 12 Long                   $31.00*               Best for individual student kits
Practice Pack (28) – 14 Short – 14 Long                    $39.00                 Certification courses/Individual practice
Bulk Box (50) – Short, Long or Mixed                       $63.00                 Trial size/LA Lab
Bulk Box (100) – Short, Long or Mixed                     $121.00               LA Lab/Bulk Inventory
Build-A-Box – Program Specific                                by Quote             Program specific

1. Clinical Lab – In the traditional student-student model, each student will need 1 short and 1 long for each separate clinical session. This assumes students do not change partners during session.

2. SDN Competency – Students complete pre-penetration set-up competency for each injection type with SDN prior to proceeding to actual needle practice.

3. Injection Competency – Supplement to live needle practice and competency testing as needed.

4. Patient Care Clinic – Used prior to live injections. Exposes the student to the adjustments necessary to

accommodate for the variation in oral anatomy seen in the population.

5. Student Requests – Students enthusiastically practice on each other during empty chair time in patient clinic.

Used as suggested, the average student will use between 21-25 SDN during LA lab and in patient clinic prior to graduation, with a one-time cost/student between $30 - $35.