Cost: Practice Pack – 24 SDN – 12 Long, 12 Short - $33.50 (shipping included)

Goal - To allow students to purchase Safe-D- Needle (SDN) Student Practice Packs.

Students frequently request the ability to order our Student Packs for their individual use in patient clinic, with either selected challenging patients or with a fellow student during clinic down time. 

Student Direct SDN Purchase Program

  1. Institution agrees to participation based upon above considerations
  2. ​Student orders Student Pack via SDN website or email
  3. ​​SDN Company emails invoice to student
  4. Student pays invoice via credit card or PayPal
  5. SDN Company ships order to institution

General Considerations


  • Institution gives permission for students to participate in program
  • ​​Institution agrees to accept delivery, distribute and supervise proper use and disposal of SDN in patient care clinic
  • ​Students individually purchase SDN Practice Packs
  • ​​Student must have completed local anesthesia course