What They Say

  • I felt (way) more confident going into the mouth after using the safety needle

  • Gives you the real feel of holding the syringe and placement of needle without the fear of penetrating tissue

  • Practiced steps 2x before injection-helped calm my nerves 

  • I like holding, feeling, and seeing where you are placing the tip. More realistic than pointing with cotton tipped stick

  • I like the instructor redirecting my position with her hand

  • The more I use the Safe-D-Needle, the better I feel when giving an injection
  • I am less frustrated now that I can take their hand and physically move the syringe

  • Students are much more relaxed and receptive

  • Students repeat initial steps as many times as it takes before I let them do actual injection

  • Students like practicing! Thumbs up

  • Makes my day less frustrating, so that's great!

  • ​Hand over hand makes it much easier