How to Use

How to Use

1. ​Prepare syringe/needle assembly in your usual manner.

2. ​Handle the
Safe-D- Needle  as you would a regular needle at all times.

3. Check safety ball tip – mimic checking for needle tip barbs by swiping ball tip back and forth on sterile gauze. You may also tug gently on tip. Discard if loose.

4. Guide student in all set-up procedures. Use hand-over-hand guidance, as well as verbal instructions as needed.

5. Have student locate insertion point and maintain gentle tissue contact.

6. Make other adjustments to needle direction, orientation, bevel angle, syringe location, hand position, retraction and stabilization while maintaining gentle contact with insertion point.

7. Have student exit mouth.

8. Repeat until student satisfactorily performs maneuvers without assistance.

9. For single use only! Discard in sharps container according to your usual protocols.